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Will my details and credit card information be safe?
Your privacy is important to us. The Exquisite Handbag uses a 128 bit data encryption algorithm for the best security protection of our customers, so, they can be reassured that your private information will be secure. Information submitted to The Exquisite Handbag will not be allowed to fall into the hands of a third party - see Privacy Policy.

When I go to the payment page and select my country I cannot find my state what do I do?
If you cannot find your state, enter your state manually in the "other" option box.

What if the product is damaged when it arrives?
Should the customer receive damaged merchandise we will ship the replacement item at our cost. Contact The Exquisite Handbag and request a Return Authorization form via E-mail. Complete the form and return the form and the product item to the return address on the form. Return Authorization form within 10 days after you receive the merchandise. All returns should be neatly boxed, in new condition and include a return memo indicating date or purchase, order number and reason for return. Returns will not be handled unless we receive the Return Authorization form

What forms of payment do you accept?
The Exquisite Handbag accepts  Paypal or through Paypal with Visa or Mastercard without an account

How are the items shipped and what is the cost?
Our preferred shipping method is registered Air mail. The Exquisite Handbag shipping cost is FREE for orders over $200.00 otherwise $25.00 world wide.

Where do you ship to and how long will it take?
The Exquisite Handbag will ship world wide. Our preferred shipping method is registered Air mail. All orders are shipped same or next business day after order authorization. Delivery time is 10 - 20 working days worldwide.

How do I look after the leather of the products that I have selected?
To keep a fine leather product looking new and lustrous, it should be properly cared for. A regular cleaning with a soft brush or dry cloth is essential for preserving the life of your leather goods. After considerable use or after leather product has gotten muddy or extremely dirty, it should be thoroughly cleaned down to its pours. After a deep cleaning, a leather product should then be conditioned to replenish the lost emollients. Again, there are many products available but their basic premise is the same. Add moisture to leather to seal it and keep it from drying. A good product to use is URAD - leather cleaner, conditioner and protector for any colour leather. URAD opens the pores of the leather, lifts the dirt out to be carried away on a sponge, and it has lanolin in it that provides the conditioning and carnauba sap to provide the protection. Never use conditioners not formulated for use on leather. Leather products made of animals such as crocodiles, snakes, lizards are different from ones made of cow skin. These animals have special membranes that keep the scales together. Because of these special membranes, the leather products should be cleaned and conditioned more frequently than products made of other animals. However the procedures are the same.Take care of your leather. Always keep it in a clean dry place. It will continue to look new and you will enjoy it for a long, long, long time.


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